Are you ready for the “New Normal”?

The “New Normal”! That’s what they’re calling it, isn’t it?

Right now we’re coming out of lockdown at a rapidly increasing rate and getting back to a semblance of how things used to be on both a business and a personal front.

But things have to be different don’t they? After everything the world has been through it’s vital that we make sure we don’t just fall back into the way things were “before”.

More and more people will be working remotely – and that’s not just those who will keep working from home but also those who spend a good part of their days in meetings or visiting customers. Much of that will remain virtual – after all why take the risk of public transport, travelling to different places and meeting face to face when you can have your meeting just as successfully using a virtual environment?

And, with that will come an increased reliance on the internet, the cloud and all the software tools we have to help with remote working like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex.

Along with the task of ensuring your business meets the guidance for social distancing and returning to work, you’ll need to provide help and resources to enable your employees to work effectively, efficiently and most importantly, healthily. And that help and guidance will extend to your Customers and their employees who will all want to see that you’re “doing your bit” to stem that dreaded 2nd wave of infection.

At Mi Crow we’re doing all we can to help our Partners and Clients to do exactly that! Our fantastic libraries of 3 minute videos is growing week on week and we’re also providing more and more help with both marketing and user engagement. We make sure that not only is everyone who accesses our content able to update their skills in things like Remote Working, Microsoft 365, Teams and Cyber Security (as well as a myriad of other software and subjects) but that everyone who we work with is given help and our commitment that we’re on hand to assist them whenever they need it!

And for a small organisation like Mi Crow that can be a very big commitment – but it’s one which we live and work by and have always managed to achieve.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to get yourself ready for the “New Normal”?

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