Are you remotely interested? Why flexible working could be something to crow about

Leafing through the broadsheets ahead of lining the Mi Crow nest for the autumn, we came across a thought provoking piece in the Financial Times.

Now, it is not often we can say that with claw on heart but bear with us…

It was all about the debate around cutting pay for remote workers, which their employment columnist, Sarah O’connor, feels is a “risky move”.

This might be something that your company is weighing up, if so, you will be pleased to know that we have a bite-sized training video on the subject of Remote Working in our nest-flix system for you right here –

Sarah cites some current examples, including Google staff whose pay will be determined by location if they work from home, with Stamford-based home-workers getting paid some 15 percent less if they opt for this route.

Now, this approach is not all that unusual in the tech world, as Sarah suggests, indeed she also notes that Facebook and Slack have similar policies but it will be interesting to see how this evolves beyond the tech sector.

A recent report by Totaljobs revealed a whacking great 40 per cent increase in searches for roles that offer remote options.

Totaljobs’ head of content, Stephen Warnham comments;

“The world of work has undoubtedly changed. For those employers who are looking to fill vacancies right now, I would encourage them to consider adding remote working or other flexible options where possible in order to appeal to a workforce who are increasingly seeing this as an essential element of a job offer.”

That sounds pretty sensible to us, especially in a competitive jobs market where you are seeking real top-level talent.

Dare we say, it would be something to “crow” about?

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