Is a posture pandemic around the corner?

The last two years have spawned many new phrases, “Quarantine 15” and “Zoom Fatigue” being classics for us here in the Mi Crow nest. However, we’ve just discovered another…“Pandemic Posture”. A recent article in the Harvard Health Review asked the simple question, “Is Pandemic Posture real?”. The answer, a resounding “YES” from Dr David Binder, […]

Should I be worried about Wi-Fi?

Here at Mi Crow, we’re always on the lookout for security breaches, (magpies and cuckoos are a constant menace). However, there’s another thorny problem that can really stop you from sitting comfortably, despite the apparent convenience… Public Wi-Fi We just spotted a really interesting article that blew up into the tree about the snazzy new […]

Every day is Mental Health Day with the right support

It’s mid October and another World Mental Health Day has just been marked by the World Health Organisation. Days like these are essential as a focal point for global awareness. This year, they launched a £2 million Covid Response Programme to work with partners to help some of the people who have been hardest hit, […]