Mental Health and the IT Industry

Cast your mind back to March 2020, or what many IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) now refer to as “The Great Working From Home Rush”. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT support businesses such as yours were the heroes who helped small businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes […]

Is a posture pandemic around the corner?

The last two years have spawned many new phrases, “Quarantine 15” and “Zoom Fatigue” being classics for us here in the Mi Crow nest. However, we’ve just discovered another…“Pandemic Posture”. A recent article in the Harvard Health Review asked the simple question, “Is Pandemic Posture real?”. The answer, a resounding “YES” from Dr David Binder, […]

Should I be worried about Wi-Fi?

Here at Mi Crow, we’re always on the lookout for security breaches, (magpies and cuckoos are a constant menace). However, there’s another thorny problem that can really stop you from sitting comfortably, despite the apparent convenience… Public Wi-Fi We just spotted a really interesting article that blew up into the tree about the snazzy new […]

Every day is Mental Health Day with the right support

It’s mid October and another World Mental Health Day has just been marked by the World Health Organisation. Days like these are essential as a focal point for global awareness. This year, they launched a £2 million Covid Response Programme to work with partners to help some of the people who have been hardest hit, […]

Looking good guys – new gallery upgrade for Microsoft teams offers fresh perspective

Since the “P” word blundered into our lives, we’ve all become accustomed to the challenges and opportunities that online meetings have brought to us. We’ve played cards with friends and relatives, hosted cocktail parties, celebrated and commiserated. Of course, the changes have been noticed most keenly in the working world. Backgrounds have been agonised over, […]

Mental Health awareness not all that it ap-Piers

Mental Health is in the spotlight again (and rightly so), with another global athlete (Naomi Osaka) hitting the headlines. Now Naomi is a bit of a divisive figure in the sports world, often seeking to avoid the media glare in post-match interviews or even avoiding whole tournaments, which is her right. In fact, after skipping […]

Body language – what Kate and William might teach you about communication

Here at Mi Crow, we’re not avid royal watchers but this latest titbit courtesy of yesterday’s Daily Express did catch our eyes as we have a training video on this very subject… Body Language – It’s not what we say it’s how we say it No, not family feuds….we’re talking about body language, if that […]

Mental health the real winner at the Olympics?

As a company that specialises in training and helping people to become the best they can be, we have all been glued to the Olympics. The sheer talent and commitment of these athletes is nothing short of sensational and let’s not forget, we are only seeing the very best here. There are hundreds who just […]

Home Working and Coronavirus

Right now, as the majority of Government and NHS opinion and guidance is that the Coronavirus epidemic is likely to get worse before it gets better, not to mention its potential impact on businesses both large and small, it’s hard to believe that there could be a silver lining. We’ve already seen a huge migration […]

Are you ready for the “New Normal”?

The “New Normal”! That’s what they’re calling it, isn’t it? Right now we’re coming out of lockdown at a rapidly increasing rate and getting back to a semblance of how things used to be on both a business and a personal front. But things have to be different don’t they? After everything the world has […]

Less is more when it comes to training your staff

Some basic facts. 5 billion YouTube videos are watched each day that’s a staggering is 5,700 per second. Most importantly, 1.25 billion of these views relate to Tutorials or Current Events.  What’s loud and clear here is that people view and consume video content at a most alarming rate and it’s now an integral part of […]