We’ve said ‘Goodbye’ to long mind-numbing excel training courses and ‘Hello’ to Mi Crow – a new generation of micro courses that get right to the point. Mi Crow enables your people to learn just what they need quickly and easily, before trying for themselves, therefore, applying their learning on the job. A Mi Crow Excel Training course can comprise of 1 to 5 short bite-sized videos, each around 3 minutes long; in other words the days of spending time going through things you already know have been banished to history!

Over 190 Excel Training Courses cover all versions of Microsoft Excel (Excel 365, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007).

Mi Crow Excel Training Course Titles

Simply the Coolest, Quickest, Smartest way to learn Microsoft Excel

All Mi Crow Excel Training Courses are stored in our portal which we call the Nest, accessed through a single login – it’s very ‘Nestflixy’ if you pardon the pun, (we just couldn’t help it)! Mi Crow Courses enable your people to get right to the heart of what they want to learn. One of the biggest benefits of our courses is that learning is done in 3-minute chunks; as a result, you can do the course, pause the video and try what you learnt on your live Excel spreadsheets.

We’re saying ‘Goodbye’ to long, mind-numbing and boring Excel training courses and ‘Hello’ to Mi Crow’s engaging, fun courses that get right to the point. It saves time and lets people get on with their job. At last, learning Microsoft Excel has been made easy.