Just how many online Leadership and Management courses are there? They seem to be everywhere. The problem is that one size doesn’t fit all.

Mi Crow Leadership and Management courses take a more grounded look at what this subject is all about. It provides important, value-added information that represents an invaluable resource when you need it most. You know just before going into an important meeting, delivering that speech to set new targets for the year and to motivate your team.

Mi Crow Course videos are short and to the point and as we say it’s Learning made easy.

Mi Crow Leadership & Management Course Titles

Because you will learn in 3-minute or, if you don’t even have that time 1 minute chunks you can Get in, Get out and Get on with your day!

Less is more

Each Mi Crow Leadership & Management Course has been designed to deliver significant value add. We recognise that in today’s busy world time is of the essence so as well as our 3 minute Mi Crow Courses we’ve developed a 60-second version just in case you can’t spare 3 minutes. This means you can work steadily through your course and if you need a recap you can select between a 3-minute and a 1-minute video. Brilliant if you’re just going into a meeting or staff appraisal.

In short, you can Get in, Get out and Get on with your day without wasting necessary time travelling or working through long boring online courses. With Mi Crow, your learning can be done and dusted within 3 minutes.