Put simply Visio is all about Diagrams and that’s it. Diagrams are its thing whether that be an organisational chart or a floor plan it’s a tool that works wonderfully well and produces brilliant results.

Sure, there are lots of elements to learn but at Mi Crow, we’ve made it exceptionally easy to learn as all our video teach a single topic in just 3 minutes with our Microsft Visio tutorials.

If you’re a novice and want to start with the Basics and move through all the content to become a whizz at Visio – you can do that.

If you’ve got a reasonable grasp of how to use Visio but perhaps have forgotten how to do something then you can simply jump in, refresh your memory and you’re done – all in less than 3 minutes.

Mi Crow Visio Tutorials Course Titles

Microsoft Visio – adding value in spades

Creating an Organisation Chart or Floor Plan is something that most would say they don’t need to do. But it’s surprising just how often you do need to do just that. It’s then that the frustration kicks in because most will try to create these diagrams using Word or similar. And that’s going to take time and massed of it with not such a great end result.

As with most things, there are specialist tools for doing various things and none come better at producing Diagrams than Visio.

Mi Crow Courses for Visio cover everything you’ll need to become a great user and the best bit is you can learn how to do this really easily. A Mi Crow Course can be a group up to 5 videos to cover a complete subject with each individual topic being learnt in 3 minutes or less.

Learning Made Easy