Everyone knows how to use email – Right? Well the real answer is No! Sure, you can send and receive emails, add attachments and make appointments but if that was all that was required Outlook would be a much smaller product.

Microsoft hasn’t spent millions of dollars simply to give you basic functionality. Instead it’s created a platform that can massively transform the way your days, weeks and months are organised. Used properly it’ll deliver a level of personal and business organisation that you’ve probably only dreamed of. I say this because I’ve lost count of the number of times people have asked us questions along the line of wouldn’t it be great if the software could…? The answer is always the same Yes it can, right now, let me show you how!

Let Mi Crow Courses for Outlook show you how to manage your day, present your data in the way you want to see it, quickly create templated emails, create and manage your appointments and meetings and automatically turn an email into a video meeting wit Skype for Business.

The best bit is that you can do all of this in 3 minute chunks. Each Mi Crow video is about 3 minutes or thereabouts which means that you no longer have to spend loads of time to learn how to do something new or to refresh your memory if you’ve forgotten how to do something. With Mi Crow Courses you can get in, get out and get on with your day.


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Microsoft Outlook – the way to a better day

Once you’ve got to grips with all that Microsoft Outlook can offer you it won’t be long before you utter those words “I just don’t know how I ever managed without it”. Microsoft Outlook is much more than just email and Mi Crow Courses for Outlook will give you all the skills you need to have a great day.

There are over 60 Mi Crow Outlook Courses.

Let Microsoft Outlook work for you with Mi Crow Courses for Outlook you can.

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