Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training

Mi Crow’s complete cyber security course teaches you skills to keep yourself, and your organisation’s electronic data safe and secure.

Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace Courses

Learning about Mental Health in the Workplace is not something that you can ignore. It’s more of a “must have” than a “like to have” so that you can help ensure that your company sits alongside the hundreds of other organisations who are creating mentally healthy workplaces and helping their people to help themselves.

Excel Training Courses

Microsoft Excel Courses

Cleverly created 3 minute Mi Crow Excel Courses let you get right to what you want to learn quickly and easily.


Microsoft Outlook Tutorials

Everyone knows how to send and receive emails, add attachments etc. But do you really know how to make Outlook work for you?

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Courses

Mi Crow courses teach you what you want, when you need it most and will make all your people proficient and confident users of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Word Courses

Microsoft Word Courses

86 Micro Courses will teach all you need to know to produce great documents. With Mi Crow Courses for Word your people will become proficient and confident users of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorials

Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorials

Mi Crow Courses lets you get right to the point, we call it Precision Learning. Select your Mi Crow Course, watch, try and then apply directly to your live work – that’s it. Simple, Easy and Practical and all in 3 minute chunks.

Working Remotely

Working Remotely Training

With thousands of people now working from home, there are challenges your team hasn’t faced before, including ensuring their safe, efficient and productive working practices.

60 Seconds of Genius

60 second it training videos

This is the perfect content for staying in touch with your customers. This library of over 80 videos, each less than 60 Seconds and many just 30 Seconds, teaches something really useful and inspiring.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Courses

Cleverly created 3 minute Mi Crow Windows 10 courses let you get right to what you want to learn quickly and easily.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Training

Our Mi Crow Courses have been presented in both 3 minute and 1 minute videos, making sure you always have time to learn and recap.

Customer Care Courses

Customer Care Courses

Check out the Title it’s Customer Care not Customer Service – Why? Because caring for your customers is way more important.