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Can I trial an online content library before I buy?

Any supplier worth doing business with, will let you have a free trial. These days we’d be surprised if you could find a content provider who won’t let you take a look first. If you find one and they won’t show you the content, walk away, walk away now!

Most businesses these days offer a free 7 – 14 day trial. During this period you’ll get access to the content and can take a good look around. In some instances you can preview or watch the content and in some instances you can browse, but it will be greyed out. Quite a few businesses also let you download one or two courses to try on your own systems (if appropriate). Either way, it’s a really good way to see what’s on offer and to assess whether it will solve your training problems.

How can Mi Crow help?

Check out our very own 14-day free trial right now: FREE TRIAL HERE.

We’re proud of the content we’ve produced and, like any content provider worth their salt, we’ll happily open up the library and let you take a look around.  Our trial lasts for fourteen days and you have 15 credits that you can apply to any of our Mi Crow courses (to see the actual videos and take the content for yourself).

We will also happily run any number of virtual demonstrations to walk you through our values, our Nest (portal), our content library and roadmap and our approach to pricing.  We’re completely transparent and it’s our mission to be really easy to deal with when doing business.

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