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Do I have to use a Supplier’s Portal?

The straightforward answer is no! If you have another way of collating, presenting and viewing content, for example through your LMS (Learning Management System), you should be able to access your content that way. However, some suppliers request you only access their content via their portal.

Businesses that adopt online video tutorials as their preferred or additional method of learning may well have their own LMS. In that case, the organisation will wish to access the tutorials that way. In other instances, you may wish to use the supplier’s portal as a link from your LMS. Where portals are used as a link there is the possibility of having them re-skinned to reflect your business branding. It’s certainly worth your while to inquire if such an option is available from your supplier.

Portals are designed to give quick and easy access to your content, both on desktop and mobile. They also deliver extras such as management reporting, content viewing history and details of what content is trending.

So, do you have to use the Supplier’s Portal? No – but it’s a quick & easy way to get going, taking the hassle out of having to upload and organise content. It’s also a great way to start if you don’t have an LMS. Transitioning to a different system later should be easy from most Portals.

Mi Crow content is available via our portal, The Nest, or to upload to your own Learning Management System. We have written another Knowledge Centre article about uploading content to your own LMS. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us!

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