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Are certificates an important part of the learning process?

This is a question that we’d have thought would be asked every time we enter into discussions with those that are interested in our Online Video Tutorials, but it’s not the most pressing thing on customer’s minds.

How can Mi Crow help?

We think the reason for this is that Online Video Tutorials represent a different type of learning. Unlike traditional e-Learning, where the learner is tracked, with video most systems are unable to know if a person has physically viewed the video. It is possible to check whether a video has been viewed via a number of different trigger points: (a) As a person clicks on the video (b) When the video finishes or (c) if a video has been played for x% of its duration. Whatever method is chosen you’ll soon see that none of these are a true statement of the video being watched.

Therefore, we do not produce certification for someone having viewed a video or ‘done the course’. Instead we look towards our users benefiting from knowledge gained and being able to transfer that into increased efficiencies and productivity in their job roles. Whilst a certificate provides a feel-good factor it is not, for the sort of content we produce, of any real value.

We actually believe this is a common trend across a lot of content libraries. Bite-size learning, whether it be for IT Skills or soft skills, doesn’t benefit from a certificate. It’s about the quality of the learning and the experience, rather than a tick in the box.

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