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Can I host videos on my Learning Management System?

Today, more and more organisations are investing in a Learning Management System (LMS) as a means of managing their learning. All courses, content, materials, progress, certifications etc. are all in a single place.

So, having 3rd party content available on your LMS is really important! In this respect, it’s critical that whoever is supplying content to you can make it available to you for upload to your Learning Management System.

How can Mi Crow help you with your Learning Management System?

Here’s how we’d go about this at Mi Crow…(as a common example – and we think this is how it would work with most providers).

We’ve stressed UPLOAD to your Learning Management System here, as opposed to a link from your LMS to their Portal. Whilst a link will give your people access to the content quickly and easily, it is unlikely that it’ll provide you with continuity of learner progress and reporting.

Uploading content to your LMS generally involves uploading the Embed Code for the Videos or the MP4 Files themselves.

Whoops! A bit of technical stuff here.

You may be asking what an Embed Code is? Well, it’s the code that is generated by the video host. What we do is upload the MP4 file to a video host such as Wistia (or perhaps YouTube or Vimeo). Those providers then generate a code (the Embed Code), which can be incorporated into your Website or Learning Management System. This represents a Link to that video on our hosting site. Using Embed Code saves you from having to store big, junky files on your server.

So, whilst we’ve explained what an ‘Embed Code’ is, what about an MP4 File? When a video is recorded it needs to be produced in a medium that is compatible with the devices it’s going to be played on. Whilst there are a number of different types of file, by far the most popular is MP4 and so this represents the finished video in its entirety.

Crows Can Adapt!

As we’ve mentioned before we like to be as flexible as we can when it comes down to doing business with us.  So, you can access the content through our portal or you can upload the videos to your own LMS.  This means you’ve got control over how you serve up this fantastic learning to your audience.

NB: some suppliers also work with SCORM.  In this instance, they may provide you with a SCORM link and whitelist your portal or player so that the content will work.  Some, given the fact that SCORM requires an LMS to play the file, will let you have the SCORM files themselves to upload.

Further Reading

For more information on using a portal Vs a Learning Management System, please see our specific Knowledge Centre Info.

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