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How can I upload your content to our LMS – what’s involved?

We’re often asked about this, as whilst having the content running out of your own Learning Management System (LMS) is just great, there’s always the concern as to how much of your time and resource it’s going to take to have it all set up. Let us put your mind at rest.

Uploading content to your Learning Management System should be an easy thing to do. Most content suppliers have their own solutions in this area; some will just upload the files and others will upload the content in course order and so on. Many will also just open up access and let you do the downloading. Don’t be put off by this option – you have total control here and can upload the content in any way you see fit.

There is of course the possibility that once the files are uploaded to your system you may have to do a little bit of work to get them in the order you want (or places you particularly want) but from our experience this is not that arduous and nothing to be concerned about.

Quick summary: –

  1. Pay / work with the Content Supplier to do the uploading for you (if they can)
  2. Pay / work with your LMS vendor to do the work for you
  3. Use internal resource to complete the work
  4. Plan it out – as long as you don’t need to upload all the content all at once!

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