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How do content roadmaps get developed?

Developing and having new content is really important. It’s important for engagement, it’s important as it supports ongoing development and, obviously, it keeps us in business too!

How can Mi Crow help?

The mantra we favour and always advocate is pretty simple.

Will the new content get people excited? – in other words, if someone suggests a new topic or course title, will it make people want to learn about it? Will it encourage greater uptake of e-learning, instigate cultural change etc.

Will the new content make for better business? – we apply this in terms of whether a new course or product line will lead to increased revenue and new customers. However, we also think it can be applied in terms of whether a new course will make your business more efficient, more productive or more compliant?

Will the new content be possible to produce? – an important thing not to forget. It’s all very well coming up with the best course title ever, but if it’s going to be impossible to turn into a bitesize course, animated or otherwise, why do it? Not everything is fit to be turned into a digital course. Sometimes, it’s just better to deliver learning in other mediums e.g. classroom, 1:2:1, policy statement, some simple slides, technical training etc.

These simple steps will always lead to a content roadmap that will satisfy most of your key stakeholders – they can also be weighted in different orders dependent on what you are ultimately trying to achieve.

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