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How do I work out how many users should get access?

The reality is, that whilst we would all love it, if as soon as a new system launched, you were going to get everyone in the business using it, the truth is somewhat different. Engagement, up-take and usage takes time, but it can and will get better.

So, there is little point in licencing an entire system for 10,000 people. It’s highly unlikely that you are going to get everyone checking this out. The exception for this might be if you need to roll out a course and you want everyone to take it – the better option here might be concurrent users (so at least you can control access in cohorts and roll everyone through). Our best advice is to start more cautiously and grow your fanbase. We don’t know any content providers out there who don’t let you scale up – but scaling back can be a lot tougher. Don’t get us wrong, be optimistic, but also be realistic.

A good way to start is to run some interest groups. You can use them as a way of sense checking buy-in and how interested people are. You can even use the free trial log-in you’ve been given to showcase what’s going on or use the concept of working groups / workshops to gauge participation. We always say, if you are not sure, start small and then think big.

Typically, unless its something compliance based (in which case you want everyone covered), a good rule of thumb for softer skills is to work on a 10-15% employee uptake.  So, if you’ve got 10,000 employees, then a licence for 1-2,000 people would be a great place to start.

How can Mi Crow help?

We know that new things take time to become fully adopted.  We also know that many people’s prior engagement with online learning (or e-learning) has been pretty bad.  That means all you have to do is simply mention the word and they instantly don’t want to be involved.  Thankfully, at Mi Crow our learning is better (and more interesting), so we’re confident that it will take flight (<- good bird pun right there).

That said, you don’t want to go crazy.  So, if you want to start small and build things up, you can do.  You could start with one of our small credit packages and test the waters.  You could get people interested and drive up engagement.  As things gain traction, you could expand the numbers and get more people using the concept. Even if you wanted to put the content on your own LMS, you can still start with smaller numbers of people.  Then as user volumes grow, you can just work with us to scale up your content solution.  We grow with you, rather than restricting your plans.

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