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How frequently does e-learning content get updated?

Updates, updates, updates. There’s not a day that goes by, when yet another message appears, be that on your phone or computer, that the software vender has an update and what’s worse is that they’re all regarded as important.

So, when the software you use is updated just how quickly does your Supplier let you have those updates to your online video content?

On the surface this may be very important to you but let’s not get carried away by it. In the main software updates, whilst stated as being important by the Vendor, aren’t always. In a lot of instances, they’re just a tweak here and there or if it is a ‘goodie’ it tends to be something that can be learnt in seconds.

What’s important is not how quickly the content is updated but that it is updated via a regular roadmap so that your content catalogue remains current. Some update their content monthly, others quarterly and unless the upgrade is of real significance we recommend waiting until the update comes around. What is important is that content is kept fresh, updated and planned out properly.

How can Mi Crow help?

We keep our content up-to-date and regularly release our latest content roadmap.  We develop our roadmap in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders based on a defined set of criteria.  Our latest roadmap is available upon request!

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