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How long are e-learning licence periods?

Generally speaking licences for accessing online video content tend to be either Monthly or Annual and that would be the straight forward and simple answer to this question.

But perhaps the question that is really being asked is ‘How long should I licence the content for?’

This of course is very personal and dependant on what you want to achieve. We know of individuals who sign up for either monthly trials or a monthly subscription with a site knowing full well that, despite the mass of content available to them, they’re only going to need it for a month as they’re confident they can learn what they need to in that time.

However, for a business this may well be different. You can use the same philosophy and let your staff access content as and when they need to, but more often than not, businesses want to ensure that their people have continual access so that their skills can be enhanced over time. More importantly, that they can also access or revisit content that they’ve viewed before simply because they need that refresher and ‘now’ is when it’s needed so having to set up another subscription just becomes a pain.

For businesses, increasing people’s skills and keeping those skills current is not a quick fix but is key to the overall efficiency of the Company and so just having content available to them ad-hoc or monthly doesn’t do the job. In these circumstances it’s common for a business to licence their access to their preferred content for a year, perhaps more.

Therefore, if you’re in business and looking for your people to have access to Online Video Content you should plan to take a licence for at least a year (if not longer). Engagement and up-take will take time to build up, but once there will only become greater. Then the challenge becomes about keeping the content fresh!

How can Mi Crow help?

We know that new things take time to become fully adopted.  We also know that many people’s prior engagement with online learning (or e-learning) has been pretty bad.  That means all you have to do is simply mention the word and they instantly don’t want to be involved.  Thankfully, at Mi Crow our learning is better (and more interesting), so we’re confident that it will take flight (<- good bird pun right there).

That said, you don’t want to go crazy.  So, if you want to start small and build things up, you can do.  You could start with one of our small credit packages and test the waters.  You could get people interested and drive up engagement.  As things gain traction, you could expand the numbers and get more people using the concept. Even if you wanted to put the content on your own LMS, you can still start with smaller numbers of people.  Then as user volumes grow, you can just work with us to scale up your content solution.  We grow with you, rather than restricting your plans.

Check out our pricing plans for more information.

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