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How do differences in Office versions get dealt with?

In the world of Microsoft Office content, you know the likes of Word, Excel and so on, the question of multiple versions is of real importance because there are many organisations that due to their size, locations etc. may well be on different versions of the same software. This may be due to a number of reasons for example: –

  • They may be part way through a lengthy software upgrade which will mean that some Divisions may have been upgraded whilst others are waiting for this to happen or: –
  • That they have acquired other businesses that just happen to be on a different version of the software.

This question becomes really important and you need to make sure that all of your people can benefit from your decision to move to an Online Video solution to meet your learning and training needs.

How can Mi Crow help?

A good content library will be able to accommodate all versions – now and in the future.

At Mi Crow we look to resolve this issue in a couple of ways.  If possible, we’ll often create content specifically to pick up the differences.  In the past we have actually created courses that illustrate the changes from one version of Office to another.  However, this is getting harder to do as some organisations hurdle bigger gaps in versions e.g. going from Office 2013 to the upcoming 2019.  It’s almost impossible to capture every change and nuance between those systems.

Instead, we look to create depth and quality.  So, our content will capture all the key activities you are likely to undertake in any updated software versions.  These simple 3-minute ‘how to’ guides make it quick and easy to understand how to complete your key activities in a new version.

Sometimes, businesses look to also have access to older versions of the content.  This might sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes you need to be reminded of how you used to do something, before you can tackle a new way of doing the same thing.  Often the steps are the same, it’s more about changing themes, buttons and the quickest routes to doing something that need connecting up!

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