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How are thousands of users uploaded to a system?

With so many users the easiest way to upload them all to any online Portal or LMS is via Excel.

In the first instance you’ll need to get the data into an Excel spreadsheet. In all the situations we’ve been involved with over the years, transferring or exporting the relevant data from HR systems has always been relatively easy.

You’ll need to create a simple spreadsheet with various columns e.g. First Name, Surname, Email Address and, once you’ve imported your data, all that is necessary is to save it as a CSV file and send it over to your Supplier. The users should then get registered with the option of returning the data to users (with a password) so you can send it out or sending an automated email with all their details as soon as they’ve been signed up.

The upload process is easy and in no time at all, all of your users will be uploaded and registered onto the online Portal or LMS and be ready to start accessing your content.

Some people however, prefer not to upload their users in this way as sometimes just by giving people access to a Portal, will not make them automatically want to use the content. It’s the old ‘you can lead a horse to water; but you can’t make it drink’ scenario. Instead they prefer to allow their user population to log-in as and when they want it through Self-Registration which should be a simple 2-minute process for the user.

How can Mi Crow help?

Uploading a lot of users can seem like quite a daunting task.  However, just like this article illustrates, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Our typical way of working would be: –

  • Sending you a spreadsheet with the required headings
  • You just need to populate some of the basic data e.g. first name, second name, email address etc. You can send this back to us in the spreadsheet or you can just send us the data in whatever format it exists in (straight out of your HR system for example)
  • We’ll then convert the data into the completed spreadsheet adding other information like a password
  • We’ll then import this data straight into our portal – once done, we’ll let you know and let you have a copy of the final spreadsheet
  • Users can then start logging in and enjoying the fantastic e-learning on offer
  • Alternatively, we can let you know the URL to log in and users can self-register (you can back this up with a campaign to encourage up-take)

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