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What devices can your content be viewed on?

In this day and age all online content should be available across all devices such as a Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet and/or Smart Phone.

But what you should look out for is how it works across mobile devices. Today, pretty much 80% of all internet use is through mobile devices and whilst these devices can access web pages what you really need and want to know about are Responsive Sites i.e. websites that basically resize or re-format themselves to work easily on your mobile device. These will make life much easier and save you from having to peer at tiny representations of websites designed for desktops.

How can Mi Crow help?

All our content is available across desktop, laptop, tablets and smart phones and all are responsive. Importantly, because all our content is video based, we can be truly confident about how it will respond and the fact that it will work across lots of different devices. The concept of anywhere, anytime and on any device should be high up on any priority list for content!

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