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What sort of roles are involved in creating content?

When it comes to creating new online learning content, there are likely to be a few key roles you should think about having in your business. Of course, you could just buy in an off-the-shelf library or pay someone to make some bespoke content for you, but in this day and age, it’s likely you’re doing a combination of all of the above.

From our point of view, we’d do a shout out to these types of roles: –

Production Manager – if you’re making a lot of content, then it’s worth having someone in your team who can oversee the whole process (end to end). This person can also take creative control, manage the entire creative squad involved with the content and often be the first person to storyboard content before it goes into production.

Scriptwriter – having the right content is one thing but making sure it’s delivered in a way that engages the viewer is really important. Injecting enthusiasm and having the right way with words is a true skill. Get someone on your team who can be the next Shakespeare.

Graphic Designer – once you’ve got new content, you want to make it look snazzy. You want nice looking thumbnails, you might want to market it around the place. Having someone who can create icons and know their way around an iMac is a must!

Video / Media Engineer – this one could also be replaced with an Animator if that is what you’re up to. Suffice to say, you need someone to capture the screen-flow, edit it, use the tools (like Camtasia) and get stuck into all the technical wizardy needed.

Content Technical Expert – once you’ve created your course you need to get it uploaded and working. Sometimes this can be easy, so this role isn’t needed, but if you’re working with the likes of SCORM and maybe your own LMS, then having someone who can administrate that will ensure you get the best out of what you’re creating.

Proof-Reader – we always think this person should be independent and they have to be a stickler for detail. Getting someone else to review your homework will always ensure it’s up to scratch in terms of quality.

Instructional Designer – this person is often overlooked. Their reason for being is making sure that you’re not just creating content, but creating something that actually educates, teaches and creates the right framework to deliver your learning objectives.

Voice Over Expert – get the right voice and the rest is easy.

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