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What tools are involved with developing an online course?

There are lots of different tools out there for creating online courses and content.  Of course, everyone has favourites and we’re no different. There are some truly fantastic authoring tools out there and it’s really a case of finding the one that fits you best.

The types of tools we’ve used in the past include: –

  1. Articulate Storyline (in its previous versions)
  2. Articulate 360
  3. Articulate Rise (which now forms part of the 360 package)
  4. Camtasia
  5. Adobe Captivate
  6. GoMo Learning
  7. Elucidat

We’d advocate researching these tools and using the wealth of information available out there through comparison websites to appreciate the pros and cons of each.

Each of these systems will take time to learn, but there are also lots of communities out there who will help with useful advice, hints and tips. Whilst we are obviously a big advocate of online learning, for first timers out there, classroom based training direct from the supplier can also be worth considering.  Many of these vendors now also undertake roadshows, where they showcase the products, share best practice and let you get hands on with the authoring tools themselves.  If you are serious about making your own content, then getting someone professionally trained is not a bad idea!

Don’t be afraid to ask us for more impartial advice. We love to help customers, fans and anyone else in the market of making great content make sure they choose the right tools for them!

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