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Where can I find out more about e-learning?

Keeping yourself up-to-date and knowing what’s going on is as important as delivering many aspects of your role. Being in the know and understanding what’s “hot or not” is a key skill.

There are loads of great communities up and running now with learning and development contacts from around the world sharing experience, best practice and common issues. Don’t be afraid to get involved. Our top tips include: –

Networking – you already have your own connections, both within your business and outside. Tap into them and use them to keep yourself updated. It’s really important to know your key stakeholders and understand what makes them tick

Mentoring – getting yourself a mentor will really help you challenge yourself and consider what you’re missing in your toolkit. The best bet is to pick someone outside of your industry to give yourself a fresh perspective

LinkedIn – sometimes derided, but still a fantastic tool. Full of great communities and loads of people willing to share and give feedback. Used wisely it’s still a great business tool

Exhibitions & Networking events – there are some regular e-learning events that form part of the circuit. The perfect chance to catch up with colleagues, but also interact with great talks and vendors / suppliers. Check out the likes of Learning Technologies, World of Learning and CIPD.

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