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Why are digital skills so important?

We are living in an increasingly digital and technologically orientated world.  Technology is moving at such a pace, both in business and in the our everyday lives, that we’re becoming more switched on than ever.  But, whilst progress marches on, are we doing enough to close the skills gap?

We don’t think so! A quick Internet search, which is maybe what brought you here in the first place, will bring back a lot of information confirming just how important digital skills are in business. In fact, every job we’ve ever done has been based around technology and the role it can play in making businesses more effective and productive. We’d go as far as saying that if you invest in digital skills your business will almost certainly become more profitable, more secure, more innovative and better at what it does!

On the flip side, despite the rapid progress of technology and all things digital, skills around this important topic are lagging behind. Companies assume, perhaps because technology is everywhere, that employees already know what they need to know. Wrong! Various surveys out there show that in most cases less than 25% of organisations believe they are where they need to be with respect to digital skills. Shocking stuff right?

This is a big problem across most industries too, be they creative, manufacturing, utilities or otherwise, everyone is feeling the same pain. It’s also not generational either. People often wrongly assume that this may be an issue associated with certain parts of the work force. Stereotyping or falling back on these unconscious biases can be dangerous. Of course there are pockets – sometimes older sections of the workforce need support in terms of digital literacy. However, it is just as likely that the younger workforce haven’t really received effective digital learning and need help nurturing these skills for the benefit of business.

So, what’s the solution?

Simples (as one advert might say – other adverts are available). Invest and invest now. Make sure you know what digital skills you need and then fill that gap. Investing now will empower your employees, boost productivity and fuel innovative change no end.

How can Mi Crow help?

We believe that we have a role to play in helping bridge that gap between the digital world and the necessary skills to be productive and efficient in today’s modern society.  We see Mi Crow as an extension of your team, acting as a digital coach and mentor, serving up knowledge that gives learners what they need, when they need it.

More importantly, we recognise that this isn’t solely about digital training or even knowledge about technology.  Sometimes it’s about going back to the ‘old school’ skills of communicating, collaborating, team-working and so on, but applying them against the backdrop of the technology landscape.  Technology might be new, but not all of the skills we need to have are! Our approach to learning is to make it fun, engaging and bitesize, bringing it back to real-world applications: learning should be accessible and above all, learning should be easy.

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