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Why do users have to log-in?

Logging in, be that through your LMS or via your Portal, is important as it ensures that content or information displayed is relevant to the individual.

Sounds simple and it is really. However, people often ask why they need to log-in to this sort of system. However, just like everything else you log-in to, by doing so it means you can be properly identified, have the right information shown to you and, more importantly, the right content served up. Often, you don’t want or need people to see every bit of content that exists, so having a level of control helps keep things focused.

By logging in to, you can build a picture of how often a system or content is being used and what content is proving most popular etc.

It might seem like a pain to have yet another log-in, but this can be overcome too. Things like ‘Single Sign In’ (remembering your details) and ‘Single Sign On’ (where systems link together) can often be possible. Plus, at the end of the day, you can always trigger your forgotten password if you really can’t log-in!

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