Looking good guys – new gallery upgrade for Microsoft teams offers fresh perspective

Since the “P” word blundered into our lives, we’ve all become accustomed to the challenges and opportunities that online meetings have brought to us.

We’ve played cards with friends and relatives, hosted cocktail parties, celebrated and commiserated.

Of course, the changes have been noticed most keenly in the working world.

Backgrounds have been agonised over, meetings have been recorded and re-recorded, videos have failed, audio has played up and of course, those pesky cats will always find a way to wander across the screen.

Not that we allow them close to the Crow’s nest here at “Nestflix” HQ, perched high above the canopy!

In fact, it was from our lofty perch that we spotted a change in the air for one of the leading players, Microsoft Teams – and of course, we’re in the process of creating a really handy guide to this fantastic update which will roll out to all our Partners and Users in the next few weeks so that you have it to hand as soon as it’s released.

The change is coming to the gallery function and will mainly affect larger meetings – it all comes down to pagination.

The folks at TechRadar spotted this recently, noting a new entry on the product roadmap.

“When you are in gallery view and there are more than nine videos, navigation controls will appear below the gallery. You can use these controls to view more video participants,” the entry explains.

Talk about eagle-eyed, I thought us crows were good but that is a great spot!

This is still under-development but is expected to roll-out from September.

In the meantime, you can get to grips with all things Microsoft Teams – have a look at one of our handy videos, right here –

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