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It’s 2024 and video is still everywhere…

In 2009 YouTube finally accepted video in 1080p, the Vatican launched its YouTube Channel and we, that is Linda and Michael Shane, launched Quasar Anytime, our first if not probably ‘the first’ video-based online training solution for Microsoft Office in the UK.

It’s been a hell of a ride and  3,000 videos later we can safely say we’ve learnt a thing or two and we know what works and what doesn’t!

The coolest, quickest, smartest way to learn

Let’s face it, most online content is long and boring. People, your people, want it easy and simply don’t want to spend a lot of time learning online. They didn’t way back in 2009 and they certainly don’t today. So we make our videos short, in fact less than 3 minutes long. They get right to the point of learning. That means you learn what you want, when you want and where you want. They are without doubt simply the coolest, quickest, smartest way to learn new skills.

Why businesses are switching to Mi Crow

We’ve spoken to hundreds of MSP’s just like you, listened to what they wanted and delivered the 10 Must Have Ingredients.

1. We make it all very easy for you

We know you’re very busy so we’ve built you a platform that’s quick and super easy to use and administer.

2. Keep everything you earn

You keep 100% of the revenue you earn from your customers.

3. We give you the total benefit built in

You will be able to fully customise what each of your customers see.

4. Your content always updated

We work tirelessly to keep your content up to date and current.

5. Have your own video content

You can have your own video content placed front and centre on your new platform.

6. Keep you in touch with your customers

With relevant, engaging and value-added content to increase their skills and enrich their day.

7. Low maintenance

You have absolutely nothing to do once your customers are set up; we do it all for you.

8. Huge savings on your support resources

Your support teams can now focus on the really important daily challenges.

9. A new USP

A real differentiator against your competition.

10. Rebranded for you

The Mi Crow portal will be rebranded for you, so your customers see your logo and your colours.