Should I be worried about Wi-Fi?

Here at Mi Crow, we’re always on the lookout for security breaches, (magpies and cuckoos are a constant menace).

However, there’s another thorny problem that can really stop you from sitting comfortably, despite the apparent convenience…

Public Wi-Fi

We just spotted a really interesting article that blew up into the tree about the snazzy new market garden at Swansea Market.

Now, this will be the largest indoor market in Wales and it looks fabulous, very green with more than 170 plants, a new eating and socialising zone and best of all (says the report) public Wi-Fi.

So, plenty to crow about!

But beware and heed our word of warning from the crow’s nest.

Not all public Wi-Fi is created equally.

Whilst this scheme is likely to be as secure as is possible, given the size of the project (just under half a million pounds!), others may not be quite so well thought through in terms of protecting the public.

Just a few weeks ago, one of the top security boffins at NordVPN, Daniel Markuson, told the Daily Express that:

“When you use “free” Wi-Fi there’s a good chance it’s managed by a third-party provider which gets you online in exchange for your valuable sign-on data.

“What might surprise you is that some hotspot providers are taking data collection a step further and quietly tracking millions of users’ whereabouts – even after they’ve left the establishment.”

The article went on to warn against being tracked by your washing machine but we will leave that to another day!

Worried about Wifi?

Fear not, take a quick look at our 60 second guide to Public Wi-Fi here and be better briefed the next time you take the free option.

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