Microsoft OneNote is a tool for gathering notes, be that handwritten or text, drawings, commentaries and more that can be shared across a network or the internet.

Its benefits lay in saying ‘goodbye’ to paper and hello to the digital world where OneNote notes can be accessed on pretty much any device. Put simply it’ll make your life easier. Because you can share your notes it makes for really effective meetings.

OneNote is one of those suites of software that you’d say ‘Na! I don’t need that’ that is until you use it. And then you can’t live without. It’s understated but packs a mighty punch of efficiency.

Mi Crow Microsoft OneNote Tutorials makes it easy to learn, easy to try without taking masses of your time. Mi Crow Courses are delivered topic by topic with each taught in a short 3 minute video. You can split your screen, have your video open in one half and OneNote in the other – them simply watch, pause, switch screens and apply.

Job Done and Dusted in 3 minutes.

Mi Crow OneNote Tutorials Course Titles

Microsoft OneNote – collaboration just got better

OneNote is one of those tools that you don’t know much about, think that you can probably do without it but when push comes to shove in today’s digital world you just can’t do without. If you’re into a paper free environment, what to share your stuff with other easily and enjoy all the integration that Microsoft Office has to offer, then OneNote’s your product.

Mi Crow Courses for OneNote cover everything you’ll need to become a OneNote wizard and all in just 3 minute chunks. It really is…

Learning Made Easy