Mi Crow Microsoft Word Courses

Master the Features and Functions!

94 Micro Microsoft Word Courses, across all versions, will teach all you need to know to produce great documents.

Our Mi Crow courses cover Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010 and Word 2007, with Word 365 currently in development. Microsoft Word Courses from Mi Crow ensure your people become proficient and confident Word users, leading to a natural increase in productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Word Course Titles

  • Essential Word Skills;
  • Enhance your Text;
  • Change the way you see your screen in Word with ‘Different Views’;
  • Learn about Page Setup and Print Quickly and Easily;
  • Working with Envelopes and Labels;
  • Working with Autotext;
  • Using Columns, Text Boxes and Column Breaks;
  • Design your documents like a Professional;
  • Find and Replace your data;
  • Headers and Footers; Bullets;
  • All you need to know about References;
  • Learn how to use Styles;
  • Organise your data in Tables;
  • Play around with Shapes;
  • Mail Merge;
  • Advanced Table skills;
  • Working with Pictures;
  • Adding Illustrations;
  • Document Collaboration;
  • Inserting Links;
  • Lines and Paragraphs;
  • Create and Format Shapes using Smart Art;
  • Use Track Changes to Collaborate;
  • Customising Word;
  • Welcome Back and Smart Lookup;
  • Page Breaks and Setting Tabs;
  • Symbols and Equations;
  • PDF’s;
  • Working with Templates;
  • Simple Macros

Get in, Get out and Get on with your day

Mi Crow’s Microsoft Word Courses have been specially designed with you in mind. We guess you already know how to use Microsoft Word but would benefit hugely from being able to use it like a pro.

Mi Crow Courses lets you select the topic you want to learn and it will serve up all of the content to teach you everything you need to know. Typically, each Mi Crow Course consists of 1 to 5 short 3-minute videos which means you never have to spend ages to learn what you want to know. Just 3 minutes and you’re Done and Dusted.