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What types of reporting should we be thinking about?

Reporting can sometimes seem like an overwhelming topic. Often, with some Learning Management Systems, you can report on almost anything you like. Too many reports will just leave you swamped with data. Start with what matters and you can always expand out from there. We think there are a few key reports (or common ones) that you’d probably like to start with: –

  1. When did ‘x’ learner last log in?
  2. What are my top 10 courses?
  3. What are the courses in my library that are unloved?
  4. Did ‘x’ learner pass ‘x’ course?
  5. Completed by user by date by course?
  6. Passed / failed reports
  7. Not passed / not completed reports
  8. Learner report – for the purposes of removing leavers
  9. Taken / Not Taken – which can be useful for videos (watched / clicked)

These are just some basic reports to get you started if you haven’t interacted with this sort of data before. Of course, you can go off in lots of different directions. Also make sure you can get your reports in different formats. Finally, it may also be possible to link the reporting of your content provider / LMS provider with your own HR system.

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