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Can you download content so that it can be viewed offline?

Most online video content is either streamed directly to your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Phone across the internet. Where an organisation hosts content directly on their LMS, dependant on the way that data is stored you may well be able to access it across their internal network rather than using the internet.

There are some systems available where you can download content directly to your device and in that regard the internet won’t be needed.

For those customers who take benefit of a Supplier’s Portal then in all instances the video content is streamed, and this means that the internet will always be required.

For those customers who upload content to their own Learning Management Systems (LMS), dependant on how the content is stored and used on that LMS, it may be capable of being viewed across their network and therefore not need the internet. More and more LMS vendors are going offline now – allow people to learn anywhere and any time.

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