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Is it worth having bespoke content made?

The creation of bespoke content is definitely worth consideration. It all comes down to what you need the content to cover and do. Often businesses find that an off-the-shelf library will give them everything they need. Equally you might not have the resources or the budget to put bespoke content in place.

However, if you have some very specific content requests or really need to cover some business specific policies, then going bespoke is often the best way. In today’s world of content libraries, you will find that most are white label and cannot be edited, so you can’t easily insert your own stuff in there. That said, increasingly LMS’s allow you to build your own courses and so you can grab assets from one course (such as a video) and then wrap it around other things you want to include e.g. PowerPoint slides or a policy.

If you have custom or bespoke content, you will also usually own the IP. This means you can do what you want with it. Unlike off-the-shelf materials, where you are restricted to how it can be used or passed to 3rd parties, other parts of your business etc.

How can Mi Crow help?

We’ve been making video content for a long time now.  That means we’ve learnt a lot of lessons.  It also means sometimes we’ve got it right and sometimes we’ve got it wrong.  Hey, we’ve even made some mind-numbing e-learning videos.  On the plus side, this wealth of experience and knowledge is something that helps us every day.  Every time we make a new course we ask ourselves: “Does this blow us away?” If we don’t answer yes, then we don’t release that video out into the wild.

We’re happy to share that knowledge independently.  We want the world to be full of exciting and great e-learning video content.  We’ll always be happy to offer hints and tips to our customers.  And, if you want to take it further you can always engage us on our bespoke video consultancy, where we’ll help you scope out and produce that great content you’ve always craved!

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