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Why am I paying for other content that I’ll never use?

We think in the main suppliers find it easier to let you have access to everything rather than taking the time to split up their content library.

That said, even if your Supplier wants to give you access to everything but you don’t want it, then just tell them. After all you are the customer and you’re entitled to get what works best for you and not what works best for the Supplier.

From what we’ve seen this doesn’t appear to be driven by price and we don’t think you’d get your licences any cheaper if you only had part of the content, although it’s easy to see why you should think so (and it never does any harm to ask).

How can Mi Crow help?

There are of course other reasons why you may want to have access to more e.g. you might want more than one version of the Microsoft Office software (or any content for that matter).

  • It could be that you’re going through an upgrade and during this transition phase there’ll be people on different versions or,
  • You may have a number of different companies in your group that, for one reason or another, use different versions of the software.

Remember too, that as with most content streaming sites, there is always going to be more content than you’re ever likely to consume. The breadth and scope of content is important though, as it will help you create your own pathways. It will also mean that as your business needs change, a wide-ranging content library can flex to your needs.

Whatever the case the most important thing is that you get what you want in the way you want it and, given the variety of choice available, you should be able to both get and pay for what you want and need.

At Mi Crow our intention is never to have the MOST content in the world, but always to have the BEST quality.  If you’re after 1000’s of courses, we’re probably not the supplier for you.  However, if you want great quality (mind-blowing) videos, then you’ve come to the right website!

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