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My staff don’t have the time to learn Microsoft Office?

This is a real cracker of a question. Of course, didn’t you know that every employee in every organisation knows how to use Microsoft Office? After all they use it every day. But what you don’t know is that whilst they use it, they often struggle to deal with even the simplest of tasks. And, when you begin to add up the amount of lost time whilst they struggle and multiply that by the number of your employees, then the number of hours in a day and finally, the number of days in a year, you soon begin to see just how much that struggle costs your business.

If that’s a cost you’re happy to carry, then you’re right – there’s absolutely no need for your staff to take any time out to be more efficient or more productive – because you’re happy with the way things are.

For most of the CEO’s we talk to, things like learning or training in Microsoft Office is way off the radar and it’s true to say that there’s a general assumption that your people know how to use it because they’ve all been trained – haven’t they? The answer to that is “probably”, but when did that training take place? How many versions ago? The software world has moved on at an amazing pace and whilst it’s true that software has become more intuitive, what we often see is literally thousands of people that are simply scared to use the new features. Instead, they stick with what they think they know and that’s what is costing you a fortune.

The question therefore, has to be, can you really afford not to let them take time out to learn? The trick is to ensure that the time they are taking to learn, is being used on topics that they need for their jobs and not just spending time on a course because it happens to include the one thing that they’re really interested in learning.

How can Mi Crow help?

Here at Mi Crow we are really taking this ‘bull by the horns’ and shaking up the way people need to learn by designing whole sets of micro courses that target the learning that people need. The results are increased efficiency and productivity.  No more struggling through the day! Plus, a huge saving in all those costs associated with lost time and productivity, a really happy work force who feel fulfilled, energised and motivated and hardly any time out learning because all their learning has been targeted – we call this is Precision Learning.

As a Manager, Director or CEO why wouldn’t you make a tiny investment to make such a considerable saving?

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