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What sort of quizzes are involved with e-learning?

Quizzes and the like come in a few different formats. We’d also always say that a quiz isn’t 100% necessary. It’s great if you’re testing competence, or if you need to be sure that key points are being picked up, but don’t feel you have to have a quiz for an e-learning course to be successful.

The main types we’ve witnessed and you can think about are: –

  • End of Course Quizzes – pretty traditional and introduce a set of questions at the end of a course to check understanding
  • End of Course Quizzes (Pass / Fail) – same as the above, but this time you’re scored and you have to get a certain number right to complete the course
  • Quiz questions during a Course – a neater way of introducing questions that makes sure someone pays attention throughout
  • Reflective Questioning – a way of posing a question to the viewer that makes them think. They don’t have to get it right or wrong, it just engages them and gets the brain going!
  • Exercises – this could be as simple as pointing out all the mistakes on a page or getting someone to click on a screen (perhaps circling errors or the like). It’s a great way to make content interactive without feeling too child-like
  • Follow Up Questions – some businesses don’t build the questions into the course, but follow up with other material that prompts reflection

Whatever you think, questioning has its place. We would just suggest that it shouldn’t be overused!

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