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How can you access content without the internet?

These days we often think that everyone has access to the internet. Not so! Plenty of offices still have remote locations, older technology or workers who are located in offices with connections that won’t support heavy bandwidth usage.

There are a few things you can try here: –

  • Consider upgrading locations so that infrastructure is better – this can be in conjunction with other activities (not always practical)
  • Think about – if possible – downloading content on to devices that can be supported (sometimes this is possible when your content provider lets you download materials and use them in different ways)
  • Provide strategic locations where people can do the learning in an environment that fully supports them
  • Create opportunities for downtime – for example, often retail workers cannot do learning on the shop-floor – so you can create windows of time when they can do some important self-development (some places even create academies for this)
  • Invest in an LMS that supports offline learning
  • Let people access the materials outside of work – that way they can do the learning in their own time and in their own way (on their own device). These days people love to learn in their own way, so leaning towards this option could well help you out

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