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My people are proficient users of Microsoft Office?

The answer is, if they’re as proficient as you say – the answer is simply that you don’t. The only reason you would consider this is if you feel they don’t know as much as they believe they do.

How can Mi Crow help?

Giving access to an online library is not about ‘training’ people or even to put them onto ‘courses’ but instead to provide a resource that they can dip in to and out of when they need to. And dipping in and out is exactly what Proficient Users will do, more so than those who are not. The main reason being they know what the software they’re using should do. However, at various times they will be unsure how certain functionality works. So, dipping in, getting an answer and getting on with the job has a real value.

Here’s a little story. John’s great at Excel and Word but has had very little need to learn how to use PowerPoint (in depth). He was supposed to be backing up Paul from Sales in a presentation on Monday and as we know Paul’s the guru when it comes to PowerPoint. On Saturday night Paul comes down with a heavy dose of the dreaded ‘Man Flu’ and calls John to say he can’t make it on Monday but is sending over the PowerPoint presentation to him. So far, no problem at all until…. John realises that the PowerPoint presentation is wrong, something to do with the Slide Master, at least that what he thinks, but “Argh!” PowerPoint’s not his thing and Paul’s not up to helping him over the phone. Now would be a great time for John to ‘dip in’ to his Mi Crow Portal and resources of PowerPoint tutorials, look-up the 3-minute video on Slide Masters, correct the PowerPoint presentation, do the customer visit and win that business.

And that’s the reason why having a library of learning content is so important. Because it’s unlikely that everyone knows everything – why should they? But when a deal is saved, the small cost of having such a resource simply pales into insignificance.

For the truly proficient this “Desk-side Support Tool” forms part of why they’re proficient.

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