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We have used this type of system before?

Fundamentally this question is about engagement.  In reality, there are two parts to this question (a) My staff are not accessing the content and (b) My staff don’t believe they need to have the training. Both, however, stem from the same issue.

This is the age-old battle for any Learning & Development department. When it comes to engagement with e-learning, we often think that people have had such bad experiences in the past, that re-engaging with the new breed of e-learning can be tough.

Our best advice is to think about the introduction of any new system or content library as a full-on marketing campaign. You need to get people excited and engaged. You need to let them know what’s different too. Often, it’s good to get buy-in from senior stakeholders and have them be amongst the early adopters of the system. It’s also good to get buy-in from the ground-up, so that everyday users feel involved from the very beginning. We’ve seen organisations have real success when they launch a few courses and get everyone to take them. People then see that e-learning has changed and that it can be more engaging, fulfilling and help them in their day to day activities.

Some other handy tips include: –

  • Put some thought into how you’re going to land any new content library or system. Don’t just push it out there. Construct an implementation plan
  • Get Senior stakeholders to blog about their experiences – stakeholder mapping can be very useful here too!
  • Use the reporting capability of your new systems to check on progress and up-take
  • Remember that e-learning isn’t the only solution (it’s not a silver bullet)

How can Mi Crow help?

We’d like to think that what we offer is different from the systems that have gone before.  Let’s get stuck in and show you how we’re different:

  • You get access to everything when you come on board – that’s over 500 courses and growing (or 1,700 videos and growing)
  • We group our micro-courses into Mi Crow courses.  All of the videos that flow together are presented in one easy to digest pathway
  • You get world class content created by world class instructional designers and trainers – the best that’s on offer
  • Our IT content, as an example, is world-class and created by one of Microsoft’s top certified trainers
  • We don’t lock you into long contracts (or annual migrations, you know like when birds migrate, on never mind!) or tie you in Ts & C’s knots
  • All of our content is video based (which we think is really important).  It’s delivered in short, easy to follow 3-minute segments
  • You can get to the course you need within 3 clicks – just 3 clicks!
  • We add new content on a regular basis and you don’t have to pay anything extra – we’ve got new content coming on the Digital Revolution, Leadership & Management, Marketing and much more!
  • You can access the content through our easy to use Portal or you can put our stuff on your own whizzy LMS (via our Top of the Tree package)
  • Mi Crow provides management information and reporting
  • Plus depending on your flight plans (see what we did there) you can chat to us about personalised branding, our user experience programme, custom content, consultancy support, 60 Seconds of Genius and any other Crow related puns you might want to share

Welcome to a different way of doing things. Welcome to Mi Crow.

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